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How to Open Websites Blocked By indian Government | Access Torrent Websites In India


As Indian Government Has ordered to block certain websites like dailymotion,,,all torrents websites,due to pirated content issue.But This is not the end here.As we can still access those our favourite websites By a simple method which i am going to teach you today.

We can access all blocked websites,First of all,i want to tell yo,these websites has been blocked by the isp(internet service providers).they had just redirected the page to one page showing "blocked as per court orders".they are using simple dns block method to block websites in india.


Follow some steps to access all blocked websites in india

1. open in your browser,zen2 is a famous proxy website,which will help you in bypassing the firewall which has been used by our ISP.

2.Enter the url in above shown field"enter Url" which you want to access ,which has been blocked by your ISP.and click on go.For example i like to open, which is largest torrents search engine which has been blocked in india.

Heres a list of PROXY Sites which you can use to access blocked websites :

Some other sites :

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